About Us

The Joy of Multiculturalism


Starting a project was easy simply because the Russian Language and culture is so rich that it is worth preserving and promoting, especially when we have so many talented people around to support us.



Olga & Olga who started this project are both British Citizens, fully integrated into the life in the UK and yet proud to be of Russian origin, being able to be bilingual and to be confident in promoting the diversity of cultural and linguistic values that the Russian culture has to offer.

About Us

Living in a multicultural society where ethnic diversity is embraced is a joy. We are here to help people of all ages to integrate into the British way of life without loosing their own identity, without marginalising themselves but to promote multilingualism and multiculturalism.


Meet Our Creative Team

Olga Kh

Olga Kharevskaya

Managing Director

Olga Kharevskaya is a Humanities Graduate from Moscow, who became a passionate Mancunian and living here for over 25 years.  Her work experience covers Higher and Professional Education, Working with Children with Special Needs, Interpreting and Translation at a Higher level, Public Relations and Marketing. Within the Project she is responsible for Education, Marketing and PR. She is a mother of two grown up children who are proud to be bilingual and a part of the Russian culture. 

Olga Ch

Olga Chernyatina

Technical Director

Olga Chernyatina is a Medical Equipment Engineer and Computer Scientist. Her experience is in Banking, Data Analysis, Customer Services and Digital Consulting. Her responsibilities within Trafford Russian Union is in technical support, administration and finances. She is a mother of two children who both are keen learners within the Projects.