Our Projects

Russian School for Gifted and Talented

Chess Club for the Young

UK Integration Services

Who Are We?

TRUST CIC stands for Trafford Russian Union Seeking Togetherness. We are a Community Interest Company which means all our projects are community orientated. We share our unique skills in languages, chess, mathematics, music, history, social and cultural integration, tourism with the people of Trafford and Greater Manchester. We bring a unique educated perspective on learning to our local communities and help newcomers to integrate and become valuable members of the society in the UK. 

Why Choose Us ?

High Quality

We provide bespoke tailor-made quality services to children, young people and adults with highly skilled tutors, coaches, translators, interpreters and other professionals


We pride ourselves in providing bespoke services to suit our customers needs, especially our young customers




We write our own educational materials, create methodologies, understand our clients’ needs and offer person base approach .


Our teaching and other professional staff are not only fully qualified, but are highly creative and innovative.  Our tutors are writers, historians, academics, journalists and other specialists, who put their heads together to bring the best into providing a high quality supplementary community education .

Our Core Beliefs

Local communities thrive when they peacefully embrace the best that each migrant culture can give. We believe that in return it is a responsibility of that migrant culture not only to be fully integrated into local life but to contribute to it. Russian culture gave many talented writers, scientists, Nobel Prize winners, sports personalities and intellectuals to the world. Local Russians here, in Greater Manchester, are keen to share their talents in various cultural and educational aspects of life. Here are our projects.

Russian School for the Young

Russian Language classes for children age 3-16 y.o.

UK Integration Services

Translation, Interpreting, UK forms (disability, visas, etc.), UK citizenship exams, UK Driving Tests and more of your integration needs.

Chess club

Chess club and chess-related activities for children age 6-12 y.o. All levels

English as a Foreign Language (ESOL) for Children and Adults

All levels tutorials for clients recently arrived in the UK and in need of English as a Foreign language.